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Kinesys announces two Australian distributors

20 August 2008

UK-based automation specialist Kinesys has appointed Australian distributors TC Hasemer and HME reflecting the growing importance of the Australian market.

The two companies – both headquartered in New South Wales - will be covering different elements of the market. TC Hasemer will be concentrating on the rental and production companies, live events and temporary installations. HME’s core market is permanent venue installations, theatrical refurbishments etc.

Kinesys is best known for its Elevation Series of hoist controllers and Vector and K2 control software. Dave Weatherhead explains that there are already several Kinesys clients in Australia, and one of the reasons for appointing the new distributors is to ensure that anyone using the products will have access to the same high levels of service and support enjoyed by Kinesys users in other parts of the world.

“We’ve generally been getting an increasing amount of inquiries from the region recently,” says Weatherhead, adding that more concert world tours are now including the country on their itineraries, which is another reason for having good local support.

Australia is also an ideal commercial and geographical hub for sales and support across Asia, the Far East and the Pan Pacific areas.

TC Hasemer first encountered Kinesys about 12 months ago via leading Australian rental company Chameleon Touring. They already deal with several European brands, and are a distributor for GIS Liftchamp hoists, for which they specifically wanted to maximise the advanced features on the newest motors by adding automation control. The GIS hoists  are also popular in the theatre world, so it was a case of Kinesys controllers being “The perfect fit all round” says operations manager John Ward. Ward states that having Kinesys onboard will “open new markets here in Australia”.

He sees great opportunities in the staging and concert rental market as well as theatres, government owned venues and Australia’s burgeoning “worship” industry.

HME are specialists in mechanical design and engineering, providing solutions for rigging, lifting and height safety. They are a growing company and foresee an active future for Kinesys products particularly in the larger professional venues/entertainment centres, in Australia’s extensive Community Club based entertainment market, private schools and new regional developments.

HME’s Glenn Harris explains that they are frequently asked to design control systems that incorporate variable speed, change position, stop on position, etc., which resulted in them “Identifying the need for a product based control solution in the Australian market”. After researching all the options and seeing Kinesys as a “Market leading brand in the UK”, they intend to make this the case in Australia.





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