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Clay Paky and PRG Asia consolidate their partnership in Japan

25 July 2008

Clay Paky has named Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG) as their exclusive distributor in the US, English-speaking Canada and Japan.

Following the agreement, PRG ASIA immediately started planning a series of sales and marketing initiatives for the Japanese market to promote the Clay Paky brand and products.

The first step was to organise a three-day seminar in April at the Tokyo Design Center Gallery Hall for all Rental, Theatre and TV operators, exclusively focusing on the new partnership with the Italian firm.

On this occasion, an in-depth analysis of the Japanese market, considered vital for both brands, was presented. Speakers for PRG Asia included Managing Director Kobayashi-San, Senior Division Manager Hisao Tanabe, Sales manager Tanaka-San, Marketing Manager Miki Sasaki and Vice President John R. Swain.  On hand for Clay Paky were the Japan and America Sales and Marketing Manager Francesco Romagnoli and Project Support Manager Giovanni Zucchinali.

A large part of the seminar focused on the technical aspects of Clay Paky’s current core business, the Alpha moving body projectors. Giovanni Zucchinali put on a live demonstration to highlight each product’s features starting with the widespread and popular Alpha Profile 1200, Alpha Spot HPE and Alpha Wash 1200 to end with the new 300 W “compact” versions that are generating high interest on the world market.





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