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Adamson's HQ to host to Klippel Workshop in September

11 August 2008

Loudspeaker manufacturer Adamson have announced they are to host a two-day Klippel workshop 24-25 September.

The workshop will give an overview on the complex issues within design and manufacturing of loudspeakers. It starts with a discussion on specifications of target behaviour while considering expectations of the listener, interactions with the room and the behaviour in the small and large signal domain. 

Next, geometry and material properties of a component are designed using FEA, BEA and other new methods. Then, an evaluation of the first prototype which includes motor and suspension diagnosis, as well as measurement of cone vibration and sound radiation into 3D space, is made. Finally quality control within manufacturing is discussed under demands of 100% automatic testing.

Klippel GmbH is an innovative German company founded by Prof. Wolfgang Klippel in 1997 to produce innovative control and measurement systems for loudspeakers. The current advancements are based on results of loudspeaker research performed over nearly 20 years and published in numerous scientific papers and patents. Wolfgang Klippel has contributed to the development of large-signal models for loudspeakers which are the basis for digital compensation of the nonlinear distortion. His pioneering work has been recognized by awards of the Audio Engineering Society.

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