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Clay Paky's Alpha Beam nominated for Plasa award

3 September 2008

Clay Paky's Alpha Beam 300 and Alpha Beam 1500 have been both nominated for the Plasa Award for Innovation 2008.

Clay Paky's Alpha Beam units produce a super-concentrated parallel light beam similar to that of an Par64 ACL.

According to the manufacturer, the Alpha Beam 1500 is an ultra bright and eco-friendly fixture thanks to the new special Clay Paky optical group - and produces a much greater brightness than lights of the same power, achieving projection distances reached only by lights of thousands of watts, but with the energy consumption of a 1500W light bulb. This enables it to be used instead of considerably larger projectors. 

The unit also features an innovative focus system (patent pending) and a wide effect section, allowing to decide at will the opening and graphics of the beam: 14 gobos (six rotating and eight fixed), two rotating prisms, CMY color wheel, rotating beam shaper, 0-100% dimmer precision dimmer on separate channels, mechanical iris, stop-strobe. Three combinable linear frosts, on dedicated channels, offer different projection modalities of color intensity.

The Alpha Beam 300 is three times brighter than an ordinary 1200W wash projector, with the energy consumption of a 300W light bulb. This enables it to be used instead of considerably larger projectors, with enormous savings in energy. Alpha Beam 300 has a complete effect section, where the aperture and graphic of the 'tunnel of light' can be decided by using the eight fixed gobos available as standard. It also features a patented frost system, 'soft mode' and 'hard edge' mode, CMY color wheel, 0-100% dimmer, stop-strobe, electronic ballast.

The Plasa Award for Innovation 2008 will be held on Monday 8 September at 6pm.





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