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ASX Powered 21inch Sub Stuns The Plasa Crowds

15 September 2008

One of the hidden highlights of this year's PLASA Show was the presence of Martin Audio's new ASX floor-mounted active installation subwoofer, facing out into the aisles at the astonished passers-by.

Aside from the sheer size of a cabinet designed to house a patented 21” (530mm) transducer, Class D amplifier and full DSP, the ASX subwoofer revolutionises ultra-efficient, low frequency sound reproduction — achieving the highest ever SPL from a single low frequency enclosure housing a single drive unit.

The combination of transducer, amplifier and DSP provide double the output capability of a conventionally driven loudspeaker driver of the same size. When incorporated into a Martin Audio Hybrid® horn design, the complete system can deliver an unsurpassed 152dB peak output (measured) from a single enclosure.

This is typically greater than can be achieved by two 2 x 18" (460mm) conventionally driven, reflex subwoofers.

Additionally, the adaptive control loop technology maintains linearity up to the maximum output level and power compression is virtually eliminated.

Designed for premium club installations, stadium installations (and for special effects in theme parks) the dynamic, low distortion sonic signature of the ASX at full power has to be experienced to be believed.





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