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World’s biggest nightclub features Martin LC Series panels

3 October 2008 20.30 BST

(Ibiza) - For the first time in three years DJ Tiesto returned to the Spanish island of Ibiza to host his own weekly residency at Privilege, the world's largest nightclub.

Playing accompaniment to the crowd pleasing four-hour DJ sets in the form of a dynamic backdrop was a high impact 120 m2 Martin LC Series LED wall. 

The customized event ran every Monday night from early July until the closing party on September 22nd and featured new production and effects gear including a customized DJ booth and the state-of-the-art LED backdrop.  

“The use of lasers was not an option this year so we took a look into the LED screens on the market,” says Bart Roelen, production manager for Tiësto. “We couldn’t do lots of rigging in the club so lights had to be hung on a steel layer construction placed upstage. Video is a very important element of Tiësto’s show so we needed a system that could be placed on the floor in front of this.

“The LED wall had to be transparent but powerful enough for the video and we wanted to try the Martin LC panels. After a small demo set up I was convinced. They’re easy to handle and reliable as well.”

The LC Series panels were in place for more than three months in extreme conditions as the club’s roof temperature often gets up to 50°C. “We all know that Martin lighting products are very reliable so I was convinced it would be the same on the LC panels,” Bart commented.

An innovative aspect of the LC Series is its transparency. With LEDs encased in clear acrylic tubes, the screens are 60% transparent and allow light, air and effects to pass through them. “When the LED wall is off for the opening acts, people may not see that there is a video wall,” Bart says. “The LC panels are then just a set piece, an industrial look that gives the stage extra depth. We sometimes get funny reactions from people who have seen video of the club on YouTube and then come to the club asking us where the big video screen is. After the opening act the first video would start on the panels and the audience went wild. Nobody expected a screen in front of all the lights and strobes.”

Bart says that with the audience at least 20 meters from the LED screen, a 40 mm pixel pitch worked just fine. “With the LC panels we’ve combined lighting, video and set design,” he comments, “and after 12 weeks on Ibiza and a few one-off production shows in Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam and Belfast, the panels keep performing.”

Tiësto’s lighting and video director for the summer residency was Koen de Puysseleir who used an Arkaos media server to drive the panels. “I was very happy with the result,” Koen says. “The demo setup was only 6 m², now we have 120 m². I had to convince the event and artist managers but now everybody is excited.”

Tiësto’s main supplier for sound, Belgian based Audio Services & Design (AS&D) was able to offer the LC panels. “Arno Voortman, who is in charge of AS&D, is very happy with Koen de Puysseleir for his choice,” says Bart. “Although they specialize in sound, they are now able to deliver the easy handling LC panels as well. And their partner for all their dry hire, AED-RENT, has the world’s largest stock of these. To offer first class video equipment at a competitive price is only possible with the LC panels.”

Other Martin gear in the Privilege rig included 24 Martin Atomic 3000 strobes with Atomic Colors scrollers supplied via Flashlight of the Netherlands.

Privilege can accommodate 10,000 clubbers on its 6,500 m2 (70,000 ft2) of dance space, spread over three floors. Housing a huge swimming pool, gardens, restaurant, stage, and large main room with 25 meter-high ceilings, not to mention the massive Martin LED wall, you need more than one night to see everything the club has to offer.





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