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Tannoy installed at new Liverpool club Cube

9 October 2009 15.40 BST

(Liverpool) - Cube brings cutting edge design together with the latest developments in audio technology to offer the European City of Culture’s clubbers a brand new venue.

Located in a brand new unique landscaped square, adjacent to Concert Square, named Concert Steps; Cube is home to four floors of entertainment including a bar, restaurant, dance floors and an exclusive VIP lounge.

Cube has two floors dedicated to providing the very best, most up to date and sophisticated night time experience. The architecturally sensitive yet contemporary designed venue fuses a traditional grade two listed building with modern glass and steel construction. The jaw dropping minimalist/industrial interior design adds to the atmosphere, ambience and overall experience.

With a DJ booth on each of the four floors, music is clearly the driving priority at Cube and this is demonstrated in the choice of audio installation, centred around the UK’s first club install of Tannoy’s revolutionary new VQ Series. In fact, Tannoy has been installed throughout the venue – utilising a wide range of the leading loudspeaker manufacturer’s current product, from ceiling speakers to surface-mount designer speakers as well as plenty of punch in the shape of the company’s V-series cabinets.

The project’s audio and lighting installer was well-known and reputable local company B&S Sound & Light, headed up by Billy Gillbanks, a long time fan of Tannoy, having installed similar set-ups in many of Liverpool’s other recently opened clubs and bars including the nearby Korova.

The ground floor of Cube comprises of a café style bar, complete with DJ booth providing pre-club warm-up in the evenings and background music by day. Tannoy’s V8 (from the acclaimed V-Series) handle audio coverage throughout, with a pair of VS10 BP compact bandpass subwoofers providing low end support.

The V8 is an installation loudspeaker of the finest quality that provides a compact, yet punchy, solution for high quality music in small and medium sized venues, while also being perfect for a wide range of applications in more space-restricted areas within larger installations, due to effective acoustic matching to the other V Series models. The high power handling 8 inch version of Tannoy’s exclusive point source, constant directivity Dual Concentric drive unit technology ensures high power output with high sensitivity, perfect for a demanding dance-music oriented club environment. Meanwhile, the VS10 BP utilises a single high efficiency 10 inch drive unit in a compact and sturdy, black or white painted MDF cabinet designed in such a way to allow discreet placement, unobtrusively incorporated into fixed furnishings such as underneath seating or the bar such as in this case. A solitary V12 equipped with 12 inch Dual Concentric driver serves as a more than ample monitor for the DJ.

The 1st floor is home to the main dance floor of CUBE, and this is where the sound levels take a serious step up thanks to Tannoy’s brand new VQ system. Having been installed in Ibiza’s Es Paradis night club earlier this year, the credentials of this impressive new range are not in question and they deliver the goods yet again here in Liverpool. A pair of VQ NET 60 cabinets are flown (on their sides rather than upright) along the side of the dance floor, with two VS218 DR twin 18 inch subwoofer cabs providing some trouser-flapping low frequency reinforcement. In addition to the VQ system, B&S Sound & Light also installed some more V8s around the 1st floor as fills and deployed another V12 in the DJ booth for monitoring.

When you consider that the VQ NET 60’s extremely high sensitivity ensures exceptional SPL levels achievable with a very modest amount of amplifier power, it’s easier to understand why just a single pair of tops and bass bins are all that’s required to deliver stunningly loud levels without any problem. As an example, the VQ NET 60 will produce 115dB for 1 Watt; and 138dB (144dB peak) for only 200 Watts of amplifier power. Tannoy’s impressive VNET network capability, the VQ NET 60s are fully configurable remotely, giving user control of EQ, delay and other signal processing as well as easy monitoring of levels and general system diagnostics – all from a central Windows laptop.

The VQ NET 60’s class-leading performance comes from the advanced point source design (incorporating Tannoy’s patent-pending Point Source Waveguide) which aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers providing a single coherent wavefront emanating from the throat of the cab, while achieving smooth frequency response, extremely well controlled coverage and unsurpassed sound clarity even at very high levels. The excellent dispersion control is one of the major advantages of VQ, especially in situations such as this where the industrial interior style of the club means there’s an abundance of reflective surfaces such as concrete, making it crucial to be able to direct the sound onto specific areas where desired – in this case, the centre of the dance floor.

Coupled with the immense low frequency output of the new VS218 DR’s twin 18 inch subwoofers, the VQ system really gives Cube something that every other club in the city just can’t match and really needs to be heard to be appreciated.

Upstairs on the 2nd floor there’s another dance floor as well as the Cube restaurant, where patrons can enjoy fine food cooked to order while benefiting from the free use of the exclusive V.I.P. suite and rooftop terrace on level three for pre-dinner drinks and the use of the whole venue free of charge for the rest of the night, including returning to the V.I.P. suite. Again, B&S ensured that the sound levels were suited perfectly to the environment by installing another pair of Tannoy’s VQ NET 60s and accompanying VS218 DR subs on the secondary dance floor, while opting for the hugely successful Designer Install series of surface-mount speakers for the restaurant area itself.

A total of nine Di6Ts were installed, providing more than adequate coverage throughout for background music and in a form that doesn’t impact on the stylish interior design. This point source speaker technology in the Di series delivers an acoustic performance of outstanding clarity, definition and detail with class leading vocal intelligibility with the added benefit that the speaker can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal orientations on walls or ceilings with no compromise to performance – making them ideal for installations where sensitivity to interior design is a priority.

Elsewhere upstairs, in the VIP lounge, some more V8s are located to cater for the music playback, ensuring guests are still very much connected to what’s going on down on the dance floors. B&S also elected to install a dozen CMS501 ceiling speakers throughout the club’s toilets across the 4 floors, again ensuring that the musical vibe is never interrupted – even for the call of nature!

Managing these systems is child’s play thanks to 4 of Tannoy’s TDX1 digital controllers being installed, one for each floor, featuring crossover, EQ, delay and limiting functions. Ideally suited to fixed installations and live applications, the TDX1 combines the functions of multiple conventional products in a compact 1U of rack space while affording some protection of the speaker systems, particularly from over-enthusiastic DJs!

Powering all of these systems are a bank of Lab.gruppen power amps. In total, four C-series 16:4 4-channel amps, a single 8-channel C20:8X and a pair of FP6400 lightweight, space-saving amplifiers have been installed…providing more than enough power for the club’s Tannoy speaker system. Featuring Lab.gruppen’s proprietary Class TD® output stage, a patented technology that combines the efficiency of Class D designs with the sonic purity of Class B topologies, these amplifiers are the ideal choice for this sort of demanding application and are often installed alongside Tannoy by B&S Sound & Light.





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