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Anolis hits the Spot

15 October 2008 10.30 BST

(Norway) - Over 600 Anolis LED fixtures and Robe moving lights have been installed into Spot, Norway’s newest, hottest and most technically advanced club, located in beautiful Kristiansand.

Lighting for the 2-storey 400 capacity venue was designed by Einar Salomonsen, one of Norway’s best known nightclub architects and designers. All fixtures were supplied by Kristiansand based Live Technic DA, the Robe/Anolis Norwegian distributor, and installed by PA Compagniet AS from Kristiansand using electricians from ABB.

Spot is divided into multiple zones. The main bar and dancefloor offers a music policy of “commercial dance”, while the other zones can feature either live performance, DJ or background music.

The contract to install the technical infrastructure was put out to tender, and won by PA Compagniet AS primarily because of the high quality and ease of installation of the Anolis fixtures. The project manager for Spot, Stein Arne Nordal commented that connecting all the LED fixtures via Cat 5 cabling also saved serious amounts of money and time.

A wide range of Anolis products have been utilised. The walls and ceilings are lit with Anolis ArcLine Optic RGB with 25 x 6 degree lenses – a mix of 12, 18, 24 and 36 units. A mix of ArcSource 3 and ArcSource 6 RGBs, ArcSource 6 RGB Warm White and ArcSource 6 Warm Whites are used venue-wide for colour washing.

The main stars are lit with Anolis ArcSource 1s, and there are over 250 ArcLink 3 RGB flexible strips dotted all around the club – positioned under steps, inside coves, inside pictures, behind the bar – anywhere there is a corner or a space needing additional lighting!

Stage lighting includes Anolis ArcPAR 12 RGB WWs and the columns surrounding the dancefloor are down-lit with ArcPAR 3 RGBs.

Over the main dancefloor rigged onto bespoke steel trussing in the ceiling – are 6 Robe ColorSpot 250E ATs, 6 Robe ClubScan 250CTs, 2 ClubRoller 250 CTs, 2 DigitalSpot 3000 DTs ….. plus a Robe H-400 cracker as well as strobes and lasers.

Robe fixtures were selected for their quality and the key factor of being able to withstand the harsh working environment of a busy club, explains Live Technic DA’s Thor-Andre Sæther. “Also for their speed and smooth movements, specially when moving at very slow speeds. They also have exactly the right features for this application,” he concludes.

The DigitalSpot 3000 DTs are being used to create a stunning array of aerial effects and for general dancefloor decoration. They have been fitted with custom logos specially designed for Spot, and are also used for projecting information about upcoming promotions and events being staged there.

Dancefloor lighting is controlled by a Jands Vista i3. Lighting around the rest of the club is via 7 Artistic Licence LightSwitch panels linked via RDM using an Artistic Licence Rail Split RDM.

The DigitalSpot 3000 DTs are also connected to the in-house LAN so the duty manager can simply log on and change out any flyer information for promotions without anything having to be reprogrammed.

Spot has already become one of the most popular destination venues in Norway, and is attracting top DJs like DJ K Mix, DJ Phaxx, John Arne, MC Corall and many others, creating a massive buzz in the nightclub world.





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