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Reproduced Sound 2008 dates confirmed

30 October 2008 14.15 BST

(Brighton) - Reproduced Sound conference will be held 20 to Friday 21 November 2008 at Brighton's Barcelo Old Ship Hotel.

Last year Reproduced Sound met in one of the UK’s newest music venues – The Sage, Gateshead. Attracting a good number of first-time attendees, including many student and young professionals projected to form the future of the industry.

This year, the conference returns to its familiar format at a welcoming hotel environment, where the networking opportunities and, not least, the late night bar, will again contribute to the valuable and lively debate, following on from the exciting list of topics covered during the papers and presentations. The venue will be the lively city of Brighton at the Barceló Old Ship Hotel. The dates are Thursday, 20 to Friday 21 November 2008.

Papers cover a wide range of topics, with emphasis on issues relating to sound system design for theatres, concert halls and sports venues, immersive sound fields and wavefield synthesis, audio - art - sound effects, digital audio encoding for broadcast sound and audio distribution.

The conference is organised by the IOA’s Electroacoustics Group and supported by the Audio Engineering Society, the Association of British Theatre Technicians, the Association of Professional Recording Services and the Institute for Sound and Communications Engineers.





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