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Damon Crisp sets up DAC Pro-Media

3 November 2008 15.15 BST

(UK) - Until recently head of German giant Monacor GmbH’s UK operation, experienced pro audio marketeer Damon Crisp has set up his own distribution company with the aim of representing the finest product in the marketplace today.

The newly-created DAC Pro-Media Ltd has opened its account by signing up GCI Technologies, the American conglomerate, whose brands include Gemini, Cortex and iKey Audio. DAC will also act as a specialist sub-distributor for premier pro-audio and M.I. supplier Sound Technology, selling its wide portfolio of products including the Harman Pro brands JBL, Crown and AKG into the DJ market.

Having also spent ten years as MD of Numark Alesis Europe, Crisp’s vast knowledge and experience spans all sectors of audio and MI. “And ultimately we will be looking to represent the right lighting and accessories suppliers too,” he says. “In this respect I hope to be able to announce new partnerships either at the start of 2009 or at the Winter NAMM Music Conference in Anaheim.”

DAC Pro-Media’s mission statement is to ‘Deliver Tomorrow’s Technology Today’ — and after 23 years in the industry Damon Crisp senses that the climate is changing. “I believe that in the ever changing world in which we live, a new serious, more personal and direct sales-to-market strategy is now required.

“Professional agencies have functioned incredibly successfully in America and many other countries for years — it’s a proven model. In an economic climate of escalating costs, and the vast investment needed to train, develop and finance a sales team, this method of direct selling will offer a sustainable future for many companies.” (Currently under construction)





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