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Ministry of Sound's Euphoria opens with Martin Audio

6 November 2008 11.20 BST

(Kuala Lumpur) - Martin Audio speakers have been a key component of Ministry of Sound's international portfolio of nightclubs. Kuala Lumpur's Euphoria is no exception.

Since 1991, nightclub giant Ministry of Sound has inspired a cult following among those in the know. Its flagship London venue is known as ‘The House of House’, a title that reflects the MoS’ vision to encourage an appreciation for dance music played by the DJs who produced it. With an unrivalled reputation that attracts world class DJs to keep the dancers dancing, the beat is spreading around the world - most recently to a new addition to the MoS nightclub brand – Euphoria in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Along with its ambitious backing and the advances in AV technology, Euphoria is set to become a major MoS venue for Asia and the world.

Euphoria is situated at the resort destination of Bandar Sunway. It has adopted a production-heavy approach with theatrical dynamics providing club-goers with the best genres of contemporary dance music. Total Concept Projects (TCP) performed a key part of the project. The firm was commissioned to supply, install, and coordinate the commissioning of lighting, sound and rigging. The company worked closely with Austen Derek - a world renowned sound engineer and designer- to create a
venue with the ambition to become a revolutionary showcase of the finest in dance music entertainment, as well as the very latest in audio visual technology.

Designed by an international construction team, Euphoria is built in a unique circular form, soaring nearly 40 meters at its peak. The three levels can hold a heaving crowd of over 1000. The two main levels are ‘Euphoria’ – the main dance area – and ‘The Deq’ - an outdoor lounge area which doubles as a chilled-out music bar, offering enhanced levels of hospitality with exclusive glass-walled private suites, before transforming into a club after dark.

The venue’s lighting and audio capabilities are world-class and representative of MOS’s position as the benchmark by which all clubs are judged worldwide. TCP’s project manager Francis Xavier Lazarus and TAG’s Tony Russo worked closely with sound designer Austen Derek to install an extraordinary audio system. Austen’s no-compromise design saw TCP install a Martin Audio sound system complete with processing by Dolby Lake and Midas, and DJ mixers by Allen & Heath.

The unusual shape of the building required not only a sound system that lived up to standards set by MoS but also one that suited the venue’s reverberant acoustics. Extensive acoustic CAD modeling revealed that treatment was required to create a sympathetic reverberation time.

A further ‘red carpet’ enhancement was to mount the entire timber dance floor on high intensity steel springs to give the right ‘bounce’.

Once the building basics were sorted, the electro acoustic design dictated what system to install. To this end, the main dance floor sound system began with the installation of no less than twelve ultra high-powered 2000w Martin Audio WS218X dual 18” sub bass speakers. To balance such massive bass capability twelve Martin Audio H3H all horn-loaded 15”, 10” and 1” full range satellite boxes were mounted in a circular pattern around the dance floor.

Derek commented, “These H3Hs are more than just satellites, they’re a full range monster that not only provides the right amount of high SPL chest-thumping dance slam, but by virtue of its all horn loaded design, provides predictable dispersion, which was especially necessary in this enormous space.”

“The combination of the Martin system, acoustics and dance floor has to be felt to be believed,” said Francis. “I’ve never had so many comments from patrons and management praising the feel and sound of a dance venue. Even SPLs of 120dB just feel so clean. “Austen has to be congratulated on his equipment choice, design and commissioning of the system.”

Elsewhere, non-dance patrons also enjoy the Hi Fidelity with courtesy of twenty four Martin Audio AQ10 high powered 10” two-ways. Even outside areas are catered for with weather resistant AM10 high-powered 10” two ways and AM215 high powered subwoofers.

The Deq Club sound system mirrors its high-powered brother nearby but on a smaller scale. It is served by a combination of Martin Audio F15s, F12s and WS218X subs. Power throughout is injected by forty Martin Audio MA 1.6, 2.8 and 4.2 series amplifiers.

Audio routing is via classic Midas XL88 matrix mixers and the whole system is processed by five state-of-the art Dolby Lake LP series processors.





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