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Paul Nicholson founds Red Square Audio

23 November 2008 12.00 BST

(International) - Paul Nicholson sets up a sister company to MIDAS ProSound, RED SQUARE AUDIO, to handle distribution of high end audio products.

Paul comments: “Since my return at the beginning of July, MIDAS ProSound has been extremely successful in capturing some significant sales and securing several large scale installation projects through our ongoing consultancy work. Rentals are also increasing and some major production projects are under active development for next year. However, I really wanted to look at distribution rather than additional dealerships. With this in mind, I entered into discussions with several manufacturers and legendary French console manufacturer INNOVASON became the first to sign up with RED SQUARE AUDIO, a company that has been set up to concentrate solely upon product distribution.”
“What I found really exciting was the opportunity to become highly involved and truly proactive with just a small number of major manufacturers, of which INNOVASON has become the first,” continued Paul. “For me to be involved in a project, it comes down to four things; great people, great products, competitive pricing, and targeting the right market. In furthering these criteria I will be announcing additional distribution deals in the coming months along with the arrival of several high profile industry professionals to work alongside me at RED SQUARE AUDIO”.

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