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Carsten Höller opens 'art installation' nightclub.

25 November 2008 17.00 BST

(London) - A new temporary nightclub has been opened in Islington, and is intended as an interactive work of art by its artist creator.

German artist Carsten Höller, famed for his installation 'Test Site' in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern (pitured), has completed work on his latest art installation – a new temporary nightclub in Islington which combines a traditional nightclub design with the culture and music of the Congo.

The Double Club will be opened with a bar and restaurant, and everything on offer will be available in two formats, both western and Congolese. The club's dance floor, along with the DJ booth, will revolve between two areas of the space, according to whether the DJ is playing Western or Congolese music. Höller, 47, said his intention was to "export my so-called artistic ideas out of the museum and gallery into a more lively context".

Situated in an old Victorian warehouse located just behind Angel Tube Station, The Double Club is not an “attempt at fusion, [it] is an alliance of two cultures in real life. With The Double Club, the artist confirms his interest in what he calls ‘influential environments’, where duality is favoured against the unilateral.”

All profits will go to a charity for Congolese rape victims.






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