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Monacor installs IMG Stage Line at The Loft

7 December 2008 12.00 BST

(Bremen) - One of Bremen’s most popular late night lounges has been equipped from the ground up with Monacor International’s premium IMG Stage Line sound reinforcement systems.

Situated right in the heart of the city, The Loft plays host to a wide international audience and regularly welcomes players from local Bundesliga football club, Werder Bremen.

The venue is owned by Canadian Steve McMinn, who had earlier developed the 450-capacity Paddy’s Pit — an Irish Bar situated underneath.

“But Paddy’s became so busy that we needed a new place upstairs, with a different concept,” says general manager Phil Seling. Thus the Loft was born, specialising in a friendly atmosphere, relaxed lounge music and waitress service.

Opening from 4pm-2am daily, the owners realised that such a long duty cycle would require sound reinforcement components that were not only reliable, but also versatile — since the music source would vary from ‘lounge-level’ background music, generated from MP3’s, to more strident music once the DJ’s hit the decks later in the evening. Finally, they wanted to match all the products in the signal chain and thus looked for a professional, single-source supplier.

This criteria Monacor’s IMG Stage Line range could meet with ease — and at the same time offer great value for money. Experienced local contractors, Fernseh Fleischer, set about designing and installing a system based on a combination of black and white PAB-506 series trapezoidal enclosures (180W/4 ohms), specifically designed for bars, and larger PAB-410/SW DJ speakers (400W/8 ohms). To these they assigned six of IMG Stage Line’s STA-302 2-channel, 260W/8 ohms amplifiers, while two 6-channel MPX-206 stereo mixers offer zonal control. Two of these zones are dedicated to a plush secondary lounge, which was annexed onto the rear at a later stage, and a smoker’s lounge.

Phil Seling is delighted with the system’s impact, noticing that while there is ample SPL in evidence — even on party nights, when capacity crowds of more than 250 people cram into the venue — equally the loudspeakers are capable of delivering low-level, hi-fi clarity during the quieter times.

“It’s a perfect system for us,” he says. “The IMG Stage Line speakers look and sound professional, it is an easy system to use, and when people move downstairs to Paddy’s they have consistency — because IMG Stage Line is fitted in there also!”





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