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St Polten's theatre in Austria upgrades with Alcons Audio VR12 and DiGiCo

7 December 2008 11.15 BST

(Austria) - Optimal speech intelligibility at all seats of the theater and an inartificial support of dialogues were some of the main demands for the new public-address system in the theater of St. Pölten in lower Austria.

For the last three years, drama has become one of the main categories with an own ensemble and prominent guests under the management of Director Isabella Suppanz. The theater includes a large hall for 360 visitors and a smaller studio stage with 120 seats. As music and sound effects are nowadays part of a contemporary play, a flexible, multifunctional, and brilliant sound system is essential for a modern theater. Besides drama, the theater also presents live concerts and the theater’s premises can be rented; the sound system had to be highly adequate for all these applications.

The new sound system with Alcons loudspeakers outstandingly fulfils all these requirement profiles. Additionally it was possible to fit the components into the tight budget, which was available for the new sound system. This now includes a DiGiCo D1 mixing desk, a PC with Abelton Live Software for multi-channel effects and sound collages, as well as a RME FireFace 800 as interface between PC and console. “Regarding the new PA system, Alcons Audio represents a superb and outstanding system regarding its sound, size, weight, and workmanship”, stated Kay Burki, the responsible sound, and recording engineer at St. Pölten’s theater. “Concerning the price, Alcons lies in the same range as their competitors, but crucial for us was the quality of speech and the use of ‘Pro-Ribbon drivers’, which are used in all Alcons systems. These have excellent acoustic and dynamic characteristics as well as system-related, very low distortion values, which never lead to a harsh sound response, not even at high SPL’s.

Four Alcons Audio VR12, compact multi-purpose loudspeaker equipped with a RBN601 pro-ribbon tweeter and a Neodymium 12” driver, of which two in black and two in white color, are integrated into the proscenium of the large theater hall. Two BF151 bass systems, each equipped with one 15” driver, are responsible for the low frequencies. Three Alcons SR9 are additionally used, one as infill at the stage lip and two as upper / under balcony delay lines.

The SR9 is equipped with a Alcons Audio RBN401 pro-ribbon tweeter and two 5” drivers in a sealed enclosure. Due to its small depth, it is perfectly suitable for positions with marginal room. “The SR9 system has a remarkable directional characteristic of 120°x15°, which is absolutely perfect for front fill or under balcony applications, because of the narrow vertical control”, said Kay Burki. On stage two VR8, also equipped with a RBN401 pro-ribbon tweeter and an 8” driver, are used as monitors along with two VR12.

The smaller studio stage is also equipped with two Alcons Audio VR8 and a Alcons Audio BF151, the sound and recording studio has two VR8 that are used as monitors. “Due to the brilliant sound quality, we use the VR8s as studio monitors. For us they are also a perfect reference for the PA system on the two stages.

Alcons ALC2 with the according SDP controller cards are driving all loudspeakers. The amplified loudspeaker controllers receive their signals via the DiGiCo D1 matrix, which is also responsible for the loudspeaker management.

Kay Burki was responsible for the installation of the sound system in collaboration with Alcons’ Austrian distributor Pro Performance. “We are very pleased with the quality of sound, but also we are very satisfied with the service and support from distributor and manufacturer”, concluded Kay Burki.

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