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Domicil Jazzclub in Dortmund replaces sound system with Adamson SpekTrix

8 December 2008 13.00 BST

(Dortmund) - Domicil Jazz Club opted to replace their existing sound system with Adamson SpekTrix Series.

The fairly new Domicil was recently voted one of the top 100 Jazz clubs in the world by Downbeat Magazine, and it is also commonly known as one of the best jazz venues in Germany. In addition to its signature sounds, national and international artists of world music, avant garde and occasionally even rock, such as Maceo Parker, John Scofield, Dave Holland, Headhunters, Incognito, Living Colour, and Michael Landau have graced its stages.

The entire club’s footprint is about 1500 sq.meters and includes a café, a clubroom for smaller concerts for up to 100 people, and the main concert hall with 300 seats and standing room for 500. Hamburg based Adamson European Tour Support Jochen Sommer executed the sound design using Shooter v.2.7.0. The new P.A. in the main venue consists of L and R flown arrays of two Spektrix (5 degree) with a two-box Adamson SpekTrix W (15 degree) underhang. Two Adamson SpekTrix double 18” Subs per side are placed on the floor. The previous system was made up entirely of GAE Panorama speakers and some still remain as near fills and as a delay line for a balcony, as well as the clubroom system. The Adamson SpekTrix system is powered by two Lab.gruppen fP3400 and two fP6400. Adamson DX6000 processors are used for the install.

According to Mark Scholtz in Domicil’s production management: “The old system was the first system in the new club, but unfortunately it did not meet the musical needs.” A shootout was arranged between Adamson, and well known German and French manufacturers. Adamson had come recommended by sound engineers, including Jörn Müller who commented that “Adamson is the best system for the buck”.

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