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Sennheiser distribute K-Array range

December 2008

(Coventry) - On December 3rd and 4th audio professionals were invited by Sennheiser UK to sample some truly remarkable speakers at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

Guests were treated to a series of demonstrations using the K-Array range. Sennheiser has recently been named exclusive UK distributor for the K-Array products.

Plasa 08 was the tip of the iceberg for K-Array, as Sennheiser introduced the products to a select group of individuals who were extremely impressed. So the official launch had high standards to live up to and it kept its promise.

The opening of the launch began with a short introduction by Sennheiser UK's Sales and Marketing Director Peter May. It was then the turn of K-Array Product Manager Francesco Maffei, Export Manager Leonardo Dani and CEO Alex Tatini to wow the crowd with their knowledge of K-Array. On show were a selection of the Kobra Systems including the miniature KT20 2" point source compact speaker, the KV50, an ultra-slim, ultra-flat three-dimensional array loudspeaker with multiple 1" full range drivers and the KK50, an ultra-slim line array only 50cm long. All Kobra systems were demonstrated with the KKS50, an ultra-slim, 50cm, line array bass speaker. This was only the beginning of what was in store for the visitors.

Through into a second room and the K-Array Red Line range was displayed and used in a variety of different applications in order to show off its diversity. First up was an aerobics instructor performing a fitness routine followed by a cookery demonstration, both were heard through ultra-light two-way 2000W KR100S systems. Next was a live act by acoustic guitarist and singer James Henton and an action packed set from Mix Champion DJ E Double D, both performers filled the room with sound thanks to two ultra-light two-way 4000W KR200S systems.

The third and final room showcased a live performance by electric string quartet Blaze, playing some instrumental numbers and a rendition of the Britney Spears hit, Womanizer. The sound was pumped out through KH4 self-powered ultra-compact line array loudspeakers, with KS4 self-powered 8-figure flat subwoofers.

Sennheiser UK's General Manager Phil Massey said: "The K-Array launch went incredibly well...Unless you experience K-Array products at first hand it's hard to believe that speakers this compact can produce audio this clear and powerful...I'd like to thank the many people that did brave the cold to come to Coventry. I'm sure they agree that it was an extremely worthwhile journey."

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