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Electro-Voice for Spearmint in Brighton

15 December 2008 9.00 BST

(Brighton) - A new Electro-Voice foreground and background sound system installation is boosting the customer experience at Brighton's Spearmint Rhino Rouge.

The first Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Clubs were established over 12 years ago in the USA, and have since become a popular fixture throughout the UK. Midlands-based installation company ALG Sound & Lighting was commissioned to equip the club on Brighton’s seafront, and chose ZX1’s and EViD loudspeakers from the Electro-Voice range.

“The club is in one of the older buildings in town,” explained Andy Gilbert of ALG, “so there are high and low ceilings in different rooms. We install a lot of EV equipment and we knew that the Electro-Voice  ZX1’s would give us the coverage we wanted as well as high SPLs on the dancefloor.”

Twelve of EV’s high-performance compact Electro-Voice ZX1’s have been wall-mounted to provide output for the dance stages, one on each floor of the two-storey club. Despite their small size - just 18” tall – these units have exceptional low-frequency response and high-output capability.

Zoned into eight independently-controlled areas, the club’s sound design uses 24 EViD 4.2  surface-mount speakers, which have mainly been fitted in the booths; these highly styled models provide the bass response of much bigger enclosures, and are ideal for an application like this, which demands full-range audio in a limited space. A further 12 EViD ceiling speakers have been installed in the entrance, staircases and toilets; chosen for its compact design, the EViD C4.2 features excellent bandwidth in an aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive installation profile.





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