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Bosch Praesideo PA for Carnival cruise liner

10 December 2008 18.00 BST

(Miami) - Harbour Marine Systems recently installed a Bosch Praesideo public address system on Carnival Cruise Line’s ship Carnival Triumph.

Since working with the new system, Carnival has determined that they will retrofit all of their ships with Praesideo. Mauro Jacobellis of Harbour Marine Systems explains:

“Praesideo provides excellent audio performance and ease-of-use, and has impressed a number of our major clients. Praesideo is perfect for Carnival because it fully complies with every rule and regulation set down by maritime authorities. In our business, working with marine applications, we have specific issues to address. For example, our client needed a public address system approved for ship use (for insurance purposes), and we needed to replace our previous system quickly in the dry dock, because the ship can’t sail if the system isn’t working. We always try to get the most direct replacement for a ship’s current system, and Praesideo amplifiers matched our previous amplifiers very closely.”

According to Jacobellis, the biggest factor Carnival considered when looking for a  replacement PA system was ease-of-use, and Bosch’s Praesideo system has proven easier for cruise ship staff to operate and familiarize themselves with, and easier than any other system for the crew to maintain.

“The Praesideo system must play many roles,” Jacobellis continues. “On the Carnival Triumph, the public address system is installed in a central location that distributes signals to call stations in every area of the ship. There are multiple stations on the bridge, in the purser’s office, the cruise director’s cabin, and engine control room, all of which handle every type of communication. From critical, life-safety announcements to bingo announcements in passenger lounges, the Praesideo system provides coverage to the entire ship, delivering any kind of message quickly and clearly.

“In terms of feedback from our users,” says Jacobellis, “our general theory is that if we hear nothing, everything is perfect. But since expanding from the older system, Carnival has given us very positive feedback. The staff and crew have so many more options with Praesideo, and so much more control over where they want their announcements to go. It’s much less complicated than their previous system. And the crew loves it, because maintenance is so much easier on this system. Because it’s hooked up to a computer, it’s very easy to see any faults in the lines or who made what calls where in case of an incident. The logging features are fantastic.”

So far, Harbour Marine Systems has installed Praesideo on the Carnival Destiny, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Imagination, Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas, Star Cruise Line's Star Pisces, and has immediate plans for three more installations.

“A good PA system is a mandatory part of every liner,” Jacobellis adds, “and there are a lot of ships out there looking to upgrade to the Praesideo system.”





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