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Sir Paul McCartney performance in Tel Aviv lit by FINE ART

11 December 2008 11.10 BST

(Israel) - Forty-three years after being banned by the Israeli government, Israeli Sir Paul McCartney fans finally got the chance to welcome the music legend in their home country this September.

As part of the 60th Anniversary celebration of Israel's independence, McCartney performed classic Beatles songs against a backdrop designed by promoter Dudu Zerzevsky and Gil-Teichman, Israel's largest stage lighting firm. Over one hundred Fine Art V-2033 outdoor moving head fixtures were selected to complement the $4 million production's theme of peace and love.

McCartney promised to give Israelis the night they had been waiting decades for. The 50,000 audience members, many of whom shelled out more than half the average monthly wage for the coveted tickets, got the chance to see him deliver in style. McCartney's first set began with "Hello, Good-bye," under a wash of red and blue colors created by the V-2033's CMY stepless color-mixing system. Blue was a recurring theme throughout the show to render a feeling of harmony. A surprising black-out was inserted into McCartney's performance of "Let it Be," and a simple white beam was selected for "Hey Jude," to emote the warmth and innocence of the flower-power generation.

The show's climax was the emotionally-charged rendition of "Give Peace a Chance," which McCartney dedicated to former band-mate John Lennon. A tear-filled audience sang along to the chorus in remembrance. "Here tonight you sang it, you want it," the 66-year-old artist said to his hopeful and grateful fans.





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