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Cuvilliés reopens in Munich with K.M.E.

24 January 2009 12.00 BST

(Munich) - After extensive restoration processes the Cuvilliés theater reopened on time to the 850-year-celebrations of Munich.

Due to the relocation of the wooden terrace constructions in 1944 to protect them from martial destruction the theatre is located in the so called Apothekenstock of the Munich Residenz since the reconstruction in 1958. The theater is designed in red and gold and consists of 4 levels with 14 boxes each which enclose the ground floor crescentic. It rates as a  masterpieces of the Bavarian rococo. Munich theater friends describe it as their favourite theater. Today it is not only been used for theater and opera performances but also for TV productions as well as for official and commercial events. One highlight is the presentation of the Bavarian TV award on 16th January. 

In the course of the general restruction the whole stage technique has been modernized. 

Company Sigma & TBL Kommunikationstechnik GmbH, Chemnitz was responsible for the installation of the audio systems. They decided for QS 1062 with 100 V transformer as surround system. As the historical rococo architecture does not allow the visibility of the modern audio and light equipment the sound system is mounted in wall recesses. The compact two-way systems are very suitable for this installation. Additionally they are hidden behind clacks and grids.  Not only the compactness played a decisive role in deciding for QS 1062 but in the first place the excellent reproduction quality.

The acoustical planning and the measuring on site were carried out by Dr.-Ing. Axel Roy. The passive systems complement the acoustic requirements and were installed in the position taken from the simulation by using wall-mounts. After the final installation Dr.-Ing. Axel Roy remarks: “The final design of integrating the system fulfils all simulation expectations in respect of a balanced frequency response and homogenous sound distribution and above all excellent sound quality.“





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