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Martin Audio announce senior staff changes

29 January 2009 16.00 BST

(UK) - Martin Audio announces that David Bissett-Powell is stepping down as Managing Director and Robert Lingfield is stepping down as Sales and Marketing Director of Martin Audio Ltd.

David said: “Last year, as part of our succession planning, I appointed Anthony Taylor as Joint Managing Director and he has filled this position admirably.  With his 14 years of experience within the team I am now happy to hand over the reigns to him fully although I shall remain involved with the Company as a Consultant and, amongst other roles, will support the distribution in China by becoming Ambassador to the Region.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing team that I’ve had the privilege of working alongside over the last 17 years.  We have built a business that has been consistently profitable with strong business partners, superior engineering skills and excellent relationships.

Rob has also been instrumental in our success and will be handing over many of his sales responsibilities to Simon Bull who has been with the Company for 10 years and has been mentored by Rob over the last couple of these.  Rob will also remain involved with the company but in a different role where he will focus on a new (currently under wraps) product that we plan to release later in 2009. 

Martin Audio is now a very successful Company with a great team, excellent suppliers some of the best distributors around the globe and a strong client base.  I feel confident that this younger management team are well placed to take the brand to the next level.”

Robert added: “Having spent 10 years building a successful distribution network with a tremendous sales and marketing team, now is the right time to hand over these responsibilities to others.  Like David, I shall remain involved with the Company but will now have the time to concentrate on certain specific projects which I could not have contemplated if I were still responsible for the day to day sales and marketing management.”






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