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Zadar Sports Arena, Croatia

18 February 2009 11.00 BST

(Croatia) - Oktava, RCF’s distributor in Croatia, worked closely with RCF’s Systems Engineering Department to designed and installed a complete new audio system for the Zadar sports arena.

The system, based on RCF's TT+ series, was specially conceived to be compact and controls and distributes audio in every part of the arena.

TT25-A loudspeakers were installed on the round structure above the parterre, amplifying the sound towards the seats while TT22-A models were used for the playing area. An MX1822 mixer manages the audio signals sent to the loudspeakers.

RCF PL60 Ceiling speakers have been installed in all the other areas – locker rooms, corridors, pressroom, restaurant and VIP room – using the A1360 mounting hardware. On the external parts of the building and near the main doors RCF's IP55 graded DM61 compact two-way speakers proved the best solution.

All the installation is controlled by a DXT7000 a digital multi channel  active matrix system, composed by MU7100 master units connected to LT7208 units with transformers and constant voltage outputs.

In the control room a single paging/alarm BM7806 console has been installed, while a number of SV7982 Remote Program/Leven Control Devices and LI7903 Remote Input and Control Devices have been distributed in the other areas of the building.

One of the DXT7000 system exits has been dedicated to the audio system of the playing area with priority for particular announces or alarm messages. Usually this part of the building is served by a local system set at low priority for the communications of the speaker as team hymns, team line up, music, advertising and standard announces.






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