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Karaoke Club, Samara

22 February 2009 12.00 BST

(Russia) - Operetta karaore club is situated in the very center of Samara city, one of the biggest Russian cities located on the most beautiful bank of the Volga river.

The suppliers of this venue were tasked to provide a democratic yet very special atmosphere typical for the years of earlier 20th century.
Show Atelier was invited to realize an interior and effect lighting of the venue, the main task being to imperceptibly build in the lighting fixtures which would not interfere into the main concept of the club.

LED fixtures were the prior choice for this project, and filled the whole specification by the end of the project work.

JB Systems LED Strips were built into the specially prepared niches in the walls and ceilings. For arks, bay windows and bar area JB Systems LP8140s proved to be an ideal choice. JB Systems LED Par 64 made a base for the stage lighting, along with moving heads Briteq BT 36-L1 and various LED effects by JB Systems.

JB Systems LED Manager controllers are used to control the whole lighting system.

“This is the most spectacular and advanced venue of this class in Samara,” – says Dmitri Baryshev, the customer’s technical director of the project. - “Actually, finally we received even more than we could expect: an LED lighting system is not only as spectacular as the standard lighting effects system, but also brings several advantages that proved to be invaluable during the venue’s everyday operation: between them a substantially lower heat dissipation that was highly appreciated by our musicians playing on the stage; and of course an essential energy saving along with an exceptionally easy and flexible controlling of the system. Show Atelier managed to obtain a result where an advanced lighting system of 21st century perfectly harmonizes with a distinctive atmosphere of the beginning of the past century – we are really proud with this project”.





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