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RCF Sound for the Morrison's music pub, Budapest

25 February 2009 12.00 BST

(Budapest) - The Morrison’s Music Pub is a large venue which offers a great number of attractions; The venue is comprises five main areas a big room for live shows, two dance clubs and a lounge area with games and a heated garden.

All the audio systems have been installed by Pako, RCF’s distributor in Hungary, using RCF loudspeakers, which proved to be the best all round choice for the various kinds of environments and applications of the venue.

Every week, from Monday to Thursday, concerts are held at the Morrison’s Music Pub and after the show, it is possible to dance or sing along with karaoke systems.

The sound reinforcement system for the main concert room is comprised TT25-A and ART 310-A used as stage monitors. The DJ booth is equipped with ART speakers, used by the DJ as a cue monitor to mix music before and after the live shows.

In the ‘House’ room a number of TT 25-A and ART 312-A make up the sound system and the monitor system for the DJ in the first dance room, which is mainly dedicated to house music.

The other dance room is the ‘Retro’ room which is dedicated to the great dance classics and funk music and the system installed is completely made up of ART. ART 310-A speakers which are designed to cover the dance floor and the DJ booth.

The sound system for the first floor, which comprises the lounge area and games, and the heated garden, is ART 310-A.

Mr. Attila Palfi and Mafai Tibor of Pako, RCF distributor in Hungary, said “We were very proud to supply venues like the Morrison’s Music Pub which has become a reference for the young people in Budapest, thanks to the quality of the entertainment and music, in which the RCF sound system plays a leading role.





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