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Mark Ravenhill joins GLP as Director of Global Key Players

24 March 2009

05.30 BST

(Germany) GLP has recruited Mark Ravenhill to develop closer relationships with Global Key Players within the entertainment lighting industry, in particular lighting designers, key customers, decision makers and other important personnel.

Mark Ravenhill brings a vast knowledge of the lighting market to GLP and will ensure that the focus on customers increases.

Ravenhill said, “From their base in moving head fixtures, GLP have really stepped out of the shadows with the Impression range, showing that the ability to meet customer demands with innovation and passion is alive and kicking in our industry. I am really looking forward to being a part of this tight-knit team with these values at their core.”

The Impression product range is genuine German engineering and already a standard in the industry – in the USA the Impression is sold through Elation Professional and in the UK through A.C. Entertainment Technologies and TMB. Therefore Ravenhill will work closely together with these sales channels to secure that the “total quality” reaches the customer.

Business Director Kasper Gissel states, “GLP had a record revenue year in 2007 and yet almost doubled business in 2008 so I believe that enlisting Mark Ravenhill is a very obvious step forward, in order to make sure that we continue to do profitable business in the years to come; we can only achieve that if we listen to customers and exceed their expectations.  Ravenhill will be a great help in that sense.”

Ravenhill added, "GLP's LED product range allows me to continue promoting efficient lighting systems without compromising artistic integrity, which is something I am very committed to. The Impression XL, for example, will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of larger stadium size shows without cutting any corners on output, beam control or color palette."





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