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The new Zénith in Amiens is equipped with STAGEMAKER chain hoists

20 March 2009

(FRANCE) Amiens recently inaugurated its new Zénith, with a capacity to seat 10,000 people. FL Structure selected the SM5 chain hoists in the STAGEMAKER range for moving stage equipment around in this multi-purpose hall.

The Zénith hall in Amiens, with a surface area of 4,000 m2, designed by the architect Massimiliano Fuksas, has all the latest technical innovations: prewiring, exceptional acoustics and a modular stage. It can seat between 5,000 and 10,000 persons. This will be the first Zénith in france to be electrically prewired for the use of light and sound equipment, which will allow touring shows to limit the resources to be used (trucks, time to lay cables, etc. ) and therefore the overall cost of the concerts. Furthermore, this Zénith is multi-shape and variable (movable stage, variable number of seats).

FL Structure installed the stage equipment for the whole auditorium, consisting of a 500-metre beam grid, suspended by a set of VERLINDE STAGEMAKER electric chain hoists. In all, there are 50 SM5 chain hoists in the STAGEMAKER range plus VERLINDE CHV motorised trolleys and about 100 VERLINDE CHD manual travelling trolleys for animating the stages to be (opening and closing the stage curtains, moving the stage sets, etc.).

Initially, the STAGEMAKER SM5 chain hoist stands out by its compactness. The body of the chain hoist is in fact manufactured in injected aluminium for greater lightness. Furthermore, VERLINDE is the only manufacturer in the world to design and manufacture its electric motors itself which enabled it to reduce the dimensions of the hoisting motor to the minimum and to develop it specifically to be as small as possible. "The STAGEMAKER SM5 chain hoist is very compact, light and easy to manoeuvre. It is well adapted to this type of application, where light rigging equipment is demanded", as Mr. DIEFENBACH, Chairman of FL Structure told us.

"We only work with STAGEMAKER chain hoists as these are the most robust. At FL Structure, we have more than 1000 chain hoists of this brand that we rent to our customers. They also have the advantage of being fitted as standard with safety equipment such as electromagnetic disk brakes or a torque limiter", concluded Mr. DIEFENBACH, Chairman of FL Structure.





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