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Tannoy in Best of British Music at the O2

20 March 2009

(UK) Tannoy, one of Britain’s oldest and best known loudspeaker manufacturers, has supplied a wide range of speakers for installation in the British Music Experience (BME), the new £6.5 million permanent, high-tech, interactive music exhibition that recently opened as part of The O2 in March 2009.

Over 100 8” Tannoy speakers were installed by systems integrators Sysco, working with sound designer Peter Key, to form a unique ‘speakerscape’ feature hanging from the ceiling of the central Core space, around one of the distinctive yellow structural steel masts of The O2. These speakers form not only a high quality audio solution for the space but also a stimulating visual feature, with the drivers hanging individually in their chassis arranged in a series of concentric circles - almost in homage to Tannoy’s heritage of the Dual Concentric™ driver!

Elsewhere in the 22,000 sq.ft BME, Sysco (who were also responsible for the Tutankhamen Exhibition at the The O2) specified and installed Tannoy’s premium Dual Concentric™ equipped V Series in the form of V8 and V12 HP loudspeakers with VS10 BP and VS18 DR subwoofers providing low end reinforcement throughout the various multimedia spaces. V Series is the natural choice for the design system engineer in acoustically critical applications, such as this very unique exhibition space, where premium audio performance, vocal intelligibility and optimum coverage are absolutely paramount.

Where the need for a full bandwidth, premium quality ceiling speaker arose, Sysco specified Tannoy’s award winning CMS401 DCe. Specifically designed for fast, simple and cost effective installation in new bespoke spaces such as this, the 100mm (4”) Dual Concentric™ equipped CMS401 DCe can be entirely angled towards the listener within the fixed ceiling-mounting ring, hence its affectionate nickname of “the eyeball”. The challenge of difficult speaker placement, in less than perfect room configurations, is therefore eliminated by being able to discreetly pivot the loudspeaker towards the desired area of coverage.

The BME is housed on the second floor of The Bubble, The O2’s state of the art exhibition space. The combination of Tannoy’s industry-leading loudspeaker systems with cutting edge visual technology and the most coveted music memorabilia of all time culminates in the creation of one of Britain’s most compelling new visitor attractions.







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