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MILOS hold Technical Workshop

21 March 2009

(Czech Rep) MILOS recently staged a very successful and comprehensive Technical Workshop event at their facility near Prague, Czech Republic.

Attended by 30 individuals representing rental and staging companies from all industry sectors and MILOS users from across Europe, the two-day event was designed to highlight new and key products in the MILOS range of trussing, staging and roofing systems. It also focused on the high quality services and support offered by the company.

Jeff Broitman from MILOS America kicked off the proceedings with an introductory speech, followed by a tour around MILOS’ extensive manufacturing facility. This enabled attendees to see first hand all the elements involved in the manufacturing process, including cutting and automatic welding, all types of trusses, the production of circles and other shapes and special projects, control, packing and final products. It also included the MILOS Design Centre, which is at the core of all their worldwide operations.

Detailed presentations included an evaluation of the MR3 large roof system by MILOS’ Milan Kolousek. The flagship MR3 product covers areas of up to 280m_ (3,014ft_) with a full height of 15 metres (49.2 feet) and is suitable for big concerts and festivals.

Kolousek also explained all the benefits of one of MILOS’ newest products, a free-standing LED Screen Support system, with an impressive weight loading of 2.5 tonnes, offering a maximum 7 metre span and heights of up to 7 metres. The tower elements of the goal-post shaped Screen Support system are made up from MILOS’s MT2 aluminium trussing tower, topped with their MT3 sleeve block. Each leg is stabilized by two adjustable feet, making a very tidy footprint.

Michal Zykan gave an overview on the highly flexible MILOS S4 staging system - an ideal option for use on major events due to its fast assembly using scaffolding methodology, with unique adjustability from 1m up to 2.5m off the floor.

MILOS invited Norbert Tripp Expo Engineering from Germany to present the Static section on the second day. This covered many interesting topics including material quality vs truss loading capacity, truss elements and pre installation inspections, connection options and their respective loading capabilities, wind protection for ground support & roofs, plus other elements of relevant structural engineering and construction. This session also generated much lively discussion and idea exchanges.

MILOS Technical Workshops have a great track record. Says MILOS Jirí Bruza, “It is always good for us to meet the people out there who are using our products hands-on in so many different situations, and hear what they have to say. Once again, we have experienced lots of positive feedback and all our visitors went away with a greater knowledge and understanding of the products, the company’s philosophies and services and the people who make it all rock!”





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