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RCF Group forms a new company, digipro

2 April 2009

digipro is a new company which has been created in order to respond to the increasing need of the professional sound market by offering the most efficient digital amplifier modules.RCF Group financed a team of qualified engineers in the digital amplification in Italy and abroad to form the heart of a very advanced company manufacturing in Italy which has been called digipro.

The companies of RCF Group are already using this technology for their powered products with excellent results in terms of reliability, quality and weight. Tens of thousands of these modules are already being used in different power sizes. The technology of digipro is now made available to other companies as well.

Since a few years the audio industry is moving towards digital amplification facing all kind of problems of a new technology in terms of quality, reliability and costs. In these recent years the market has quickly changed and a very limited number of companies are able to offer reliable digital amplifiers. The last company in order of time to appear in the market but probably the most advanced in terms of technology is digipro and certainly very competitive in a quality/price ratio.

The philosophy of digipro is to grant to OEM customers not only the supply of modules but also to provide all assistance and design capability to obtain the best performance. digipro team invite all companies working in the sound industry to contact them knowing that they can solve their needs offering quality, best engineering, and being highly competitive in price. digipro team is composed by people having long experience not only in the digital technology but also in the development of the most advanced projects in the audio business.
They will be therefore the best partners for every company in the audio market that intends to improve its quality by switching from analogue to digital.

Immediately available the following digital amplifier modules:
DIGIPRO 1000-S up to 1000 Watt
DIGIPRO 600-M up to 600 Watt

For any further information about digipro you may contact Mr. Giovanni Barbieri, who is in charge as Business Development Manager of the Company, at:





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