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Fine Art marks the Knesset Election

20 April 2009

(Israel) Azrieli may not be the tallest set of buildings in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv, but on 10th February this year it became on of its most striking. To mark voting for Israel’s Knesset (Parliament) three towers with heights of up to 187m were washed with a series of Fine Art lighting designed and installed by Gil Teichman Company (GTC), the largest lighting design firm in Israel.

Of the three Azrieli towers, the central block – the tallest of the trio – was chosen to act as a focal point of the scheme. GTC installed 30 sets of Fine Art V-2033 Outdoor Moving Head Sky Light fixtures around each building which ran from two sets of large-frame lighting controllers positioned in the centre. The two-floor high flat roof in front of the Azrieli buildings was seen as the best place to set up the Sky Lights. Covering the three buildings completely using lighting from the top down was a tricky task, but the experienced lighting designers at GTC made this easy and had the Sky Lights illuminate the whole tower using a line of 30 sets of fixtures into 6 rows each with distance of 3.5m from each other. The first row positioned on a 15° angle was designated to light the base of the buildings. The second row was locked in at a 25° angle with the other rows having their angles adjusted accordingly suited. Using a tower crane, the GTC finished the installation and testing two hours ahead of schedule.

Fine Art’s V-2033 Sky Light is one of the highest powered moving head wash light fixture in the market utilising a XQ4000 watt xenon lamp which allows light beams to be projected far and bright. The unit’s V-2033 moving head allows for 360° Pan and 255° Tilt scanning angle to cover over a large area. Pure colour is another advantage of the Fine Art V-2033 amongst its other features, allowing the lighting designer to make creative use of colour and movement to create outstanding flowing colour effects which enhanced the night’s auspicious atmosphere.

The election finished at 21:00 and, as the winner was announced, colourful beams from 90 sets of Fine Art V-2033 gyrated up and down the building.





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