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Top Prague club opts for new DiGiCo SD8 console

28 April 2009

(Czech Republic) - Lucerna Music Bar is one of Prague’s most prestigious clubs and every well-known Czech artist has played there. Two years ago, the club decided to improve its sound equipment and installed a new L-Acoustics loudspeaker system. These were a great success, and since then they’ve not had to hire third-party PA equipment. However, there was still a vital element missing - a top-class console, which is where DiGiCo and distributor PRO MUSIC came in.

For Lucerna Music Bar, ease of use, reliability and rider-friendliness were all of paramount importance, but so was budget, so they decided to go for the best overall solution: the DiGiCo SD8.

“We decided to change our existing analog console because it was not acceptable any more,” explains the venue’s manager, Kamil Sir. “We had to hire in consoles for all the prestigious events in our club, which increased our expenses. A digital console appeared to be the solution for the future. My experience with DiGiCo, the most popular professional digital console in the Czech Republic, and the support of the DiGiCo distributor, PRO MUSIC, whenever we needed them, were sound reasons to go for a DiGiCo SD8.”

The SD8 was installed roughly two months ago. “The team of house engineers has learned the console very quickly,” says Lucerna’s chief sound engineer, Petr Pelisek. “Most Czech sound guys already have some level of experience with DiGiCo mixing consoles and the changeover to the SD8 is very easy and intuitive. My own opinion is that that DiGiCo SD8 is a very nice package, both for club use and for touring.”

The club hosts concerts roughly four times a week, so visiting engineers often use the console. They’ve also been impressed with the new set-up. “Within the first month of the installation, more than a handful of foreign bands have been here, including Richard Bona and Front 242, and none of their sound engineers had problems with SD8,” says Petr. “In fact the opposite is true. They were really interested in the console’s feature set and what new options are available.”

Petr obviously considers the SD8 a good choice. “Absolutely!” he confirms. “First, this investment is reducing our direct expenses on hiring equipment. Secondly, the DiGiCo console can be connected to our installed system without any modifications and the recording of any concert has never been so easy.

“DiGiCo is a brand I have great respect for. Personally, I won’t go on a tour without a DiGiCo D5 or D1 – and now I can use the SD8, which I really enjoy.”





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