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Midas PRO6 launches in Brazil

29 April 2009

(Brazil) - Nearly 300 audio professionals from the world of broadcasting, live audio, and audio rental came together on March 25th for the long-anticipated Brazilian launch of the PRO6, the new digital mixing console from Midas.

Organized by Bosch’s Communications Systems Division, their Brazilian distributor TelePonto, and regional dealer Vitoria-Som, the launch was held at Vila Country, a 12,000-square-meter, western-themed complex with dance floors, saloons, shops, and space for livestock auctions. Vila Country is also outfitted head-to-toe with audio equipment from Electro-Voice, effectively making it Brazil’s largest EV showroom.

“Having raised the bar with the flagship XL8 system, the introduction of the PRO6 brings Midas digital technology to a more compact size and accessible price point,” says Robert Klesser, Sales Manager, Brazil, Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Communications Systems Division, “There has been a tremendous amount of interest in the new digital Midas – our guests couldn’t wait to try it and see if it captured the ‘Midas Sound’ – no one was disappointed!” The PRO6 has been introduced to the world as “digital, with heritage,” invoking the legacy of its industry-standard analog predecessor the Heritage 3000 while taking Midas deeper into the digital realm.

The launch festivities began in the evening with a reception for the guests, who were treated various demonstrations of the latest equipment from Electro-Voice and Klark Teknik. The guests then adjourned to the venue’s saloon for the main event: a demonstration of three new Midas PRO6 consoles and an XL8. A brief presentation and hands-on demos by Mitch Mortenson (Bosch), Joao “Cotô” Guarino (TelePonto), and Andre Spinola (Diante do Trono) ensued while three country bands – Vila Country House Band, Barra da Saia, and Lucas e Luan – performed live on stage.

In addition to the PRO6 and XL8 mixing consoles, the stage was equipped with Electro-Voice N/DYM and RE-2 wireless microphones for the bands and presentations, with sound reinforcement via 16 EV XLC127 DVX line array loudspeakers and eight Xsubs, powered by nine EV P3000RL amplifiers and controlled via IRIS-Net processing. “The launch of the Midas PRO6 was a fantastic success,” says Klesser. “The high turnout showed us that there is great interest in both our products and our partnership in the rapidly growing Brazilian market. On behalf of Bosch, I would like to thank all our guests and our friends at TelePonto and Vitoria-Som for making this such a memorable event.”





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