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Meyer Sound UPQ Wins MIPA Award and Live Design Sound Product of the Year

11 May 2009

(Germany) - Meyer Sound’s UPQ-1P wide coverage and UPQ-2P narrow coverage loudspeakers have been acknowledged with two of the industry’s most prestigious awards—the Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) and Live Design’s Sound Product of the Year.

At Frankfurt’s Musikmesse/ ProLight+Sound in April 2009, the UPQ-1P received the MIPA award in the PA System category. One of the industry’s largest and most diverse gatherings, Musikmesse brings together over 100 magazines from all over the world to vote on more than 40 categories of pro audio and musical instrument products.
Live Design, one of the industry’s leading journals for live sound, lighting, staging, and production, has also recognized the UPQ-1P/ 2P with its 2008-09 Product of the Year Award in the Loudspeakers category. Winners are selected by the magazine’s panel of judges, comprised of working designers, programmers, and technicians in the lighting, sound, and projection fields.
Since the UPQ loudspeaker’s premiere in the Phantom of the Opera production in London’s West End in summer 2008, it has seen a wide range of applications around the world, including other theatrical productions, sporting and theatre installations, as well as becoming an integral part of the rental stock of production companies. Theater De Voorveghter, Theater De Naald, and Theater De Tamboer in the Netherlands have all installed the UPQ loudspeakers, as did France’s Le Glaz’art music venue; the acclaimed Mirage Volcano spectacle in Las Vegas; and the basketball arena at South Plains College, Texas. The High School Musical production in South Africa, the Jimmy Fallon show in New York, Spain’s DJ Snoopy and rental companies such as Propaganda Group and Rock n' Road Audio in the US, Italy’s Artemusica, Austria’s Sound Art Service, and Belgium’s Catsound have all relied upon the UPQ for its flexibility and superior sound quality.
Germany’s POOL Group reports that its 48 UPQ loudspeakers have not seen the warehouse for months, being continually booked for the Volkswagen and Audi booths at auto shows around the world. “The client had specified that no large speakers should be visible, which precluded our using any sort of line array,” reports Benjamin Stilleke, technical manager of POOL Group. “The highly focused coverage of the UPQ-1P loudspeakers provided us with the power and the focus necessary, without the need for a line array."
The self-powered UPQ-1P wide coverage loudspeaker and UPQ-2P narrow coverage loudspeaker are members of Meyer Sound’s award-winning UltraSeries™ family of loudspeakers. Compact yet powerful and easy to install, the UPQ loudspeakers can be used as the main system in small to mid-sized venues or easily integrated with other Meyer Sound products as centerfill or sidefills in larger applications, making it ideal for everything from live performance to fixed installations.
In addition to the UPQ, Meyer Sound’s MILO®, MICA™, and M’elodie™ line array loudspeakers have all won a MIPA award in previous years.





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