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Compulite Vector software 3.17 is released

4 June 2009

Compulite’s flagship console Vector has a new major software release. This release is centered on productivity features that accelerate the programming & operation of even the most complex show.

Organize your editing and playback screens in multiple workspaces. Each workspace allows you to customize a whole environment with multiple views and panes. You can build each one and save/open each workspace separately. Create various workspaces such as live workspace, editing workspace, TOPO workspace etc. You can also use the navigation utility when some of the workspaces are not visible due to the length of their name. Editing the object’s attributes right on the grid (table) where you are viewing the data. This saves many steps of opening the object and editing each object separately. Among the new display types that you can now edit – cue sheet. Grid editing is also available for QLISTs, Cue Sheets, Libraries, Groups, Macros, Snaps & Timelines. Grid editing is also available in EXAM mode.

New “Desktop” feature
Vector now offers you this powerful productivity & Unique feature. A “Desktop” is an area where you can drag different objects and activate them “right from there” as you do on your PC desktop. Combine libraries, fixtures, colors, gobo pickers, macros and other types of objects and parameters and activate them quickly in one click, all from one area.
The new desktop handles these very different objects elegantly, among these objects: libraries, TOPO fixtures, colors & gobos from the pickers, macros, menu items, groups, QLISTs, and other types of objects which are in Soft key format and parameters from the Pickers
You can modify & customize the icons on the desktop as well as assigning ASCII keyboard “hot keys” to trigger the desktop shortcuts for fast programming and operation.
We also supplied a bank of images, generic and related to the Vector so the users will have the option to change and manipulate their own desktops images. You can define multiple “Desktops” and give each one a unique name.

Faster Matrix chaser programming with animated gifs
Upon importing an animated gif for matrix programming, you just need to click on the “Create Chaser” Button in the Matrix view, assign cue time, the Qlist number and the amount of frames you wish to store in the chaser, the system will create it for you.

There are many more features that were added, among them:
• Improved & new Bi-directional communication for Downloading Thumbnails from Green Hippo V2+V3, ArKaos VJ & Catalyst.
• Highlight/Lowlight Mode which enables you to remain in Highlight/Lowlight for jumping between fixtures for fast position programming and updating of your position libraries.
• Improved System settings
• Improved networking capabilities
• Improved MIDI and MSC functionality
• Better show conversion from older Compulite consoles (4D/Sabre)
• A General "Face Lift" of the Vector menu icons for better visual look
• Re-wrote the Vector PC Panel and added extra features
• Added 180 new devices and more generic devices for strobe and Smoke machines.
• PB Input patch which enables you to connect any DMX console to the Vector DMX Input
• Vista computability for Vector PC
• More features, bug fixes and improvements.

Please check the elaborate graphical release note, which walks you through the new version’s ins & outs. download the new version from our web site:





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