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Goboland UK Ltd is launched at ABTT

8 June 2009

(UK) - GOBOLAND has chosen the ABTT show in London to launch Goboland UK Ltd., a newly formed UK based company dedicated to bringing top notch gobo quality, experience and customer service to the UK gobo market.

In a long-awaited move, the creation of Goboland UK reunites Wyatt Enever and Vicky Fairall, who, between them, have over 50 years of experience in every aspect of gobo production, technical support and professional services to clients.

Wyatt Enever is an acknowledged industry pioneer in the art of gobo development and projection, founder member and former Managing Director of DHA Lighting, and more recently filled the role of Consultant for Goboland. Vicky Fairall, was formerly Graphics Manager, then Customer Services Manager, for DHA Lighting where she worked for almost 20 years developing both graphic capabilities and customer service strategies for which the company was lauded, before moving briefly to Roscolab Ltd, and then to Goboland as Head of UK Operations to the Belgian Head Office.

“We felt very strongly that there was a need for a UK-based custom gobo service,” explains Vicky Fairall, Goboland UK Director, “of the quality which we at Goboland put at the forefront of our business. Much of our work comes from loyal customers who rely upon our high standards and, with the arrival of Goboland UK, we can offer this service on a friendly, local basis with the benefit of our accounts now being held in the UK.”

Goboland UK’s unbeatable custom gobo service is backed up by the Goboland Collection of established gobo designs etched on award winning black steel or glass, and benefits from having a loyal, knowledgeable and efficient dealer network already in place.

Wyatt Enever, also Goboland UK Director, says, “We are very excited about having a direct influence on the UK market and for the opportunity to reinstate the kind of service that we are proud of. Vicky and myself have been at the forefront of the gobo industry for many years and are very passionate about our work. I think we can safely say that a Great British Gobo Company is back!”

To celebrate its launch, Goboland UK is introducing the Credit Crunch Custom Gobo at ABTT. Made from an alternative, non-coated, metal which is easier to etch than the very high grade black-coated steel of Goboland’s standard custom gobos, this custom gobo will retail at £27.00 in an effort to combat some of the customers’ production costs in this difficult economic climate. Copies will be £6.00 each with a minimum 3 day turnaround. The offer is open to all customers for the next six months, until 2010, by when, we are told, the financial crisis will be over!

ABTT 2009, as with the rest of the industry, is focusing heavily on green issues so, to show its support and commitment to the environment, Goboland UK is introducing its own initiative at the show, ‘Green Scene’.

With ‘Green Scene’, Goboland will accept returns of all used metal gobos for recycling in an environmentally friendly way. This will apply to all gobos and, in addition, Goboland will offer a Loyalty Scheme on its Black Steel Custom gobos, whereby customers who return their used custom gobos will receive a credit on their next Black Steel Custom order of £2.50 per Black Steel Custom original, and £1.00 per copy.

In the meantime, Goboland UK will be celebrating its launch in very British style on its ABTT stand (Lawrence Hall, Stand 137) and invite you to come and join the fun and find out more about the new Credit Crunch gobo and Goboland’s new Green Scene.





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