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Nightclub Botanic fits Vieta sound systems

6 June 2009

(Spain) - In the city of Tudela, in northern Spain, all the talk is about the new Botanic, a 1500 sq.m nightclub with two different club rooms to maximise its attraction to customers of different ages and musical tastes.

What the two very individual environments of MAGNOLIA and DALIA have in common are high-SPL VIETA sound systems, powered by Powersoft. Installers Kiko Sound liaised closely on the system design with VIETA pro products supplier SeeSound.

Local stars and celebrities came out for opening night, including Ivan, the latest Big Brother winner in Spain, and Paola Santoni, the MC for the night. Manager Isidro Navarro Bea explains that the Botanic is more than just a nightclub 2 nights a week – “during the week, we will host special events like product presentations and private/corporate parties. We don’t want to simply offer music, but to create a space which can accommodate culture through the performing arts, promoting local groups and other events of interest.”

The larger of the two clubrooms is called Magnolia, presenting dance, house and commercial hits, as well as hosting live music. 8 of Vieta’s Fa-12 2-way enclosures have been wall-mounted in pairs at either end of the room. With their controlled dispersion and high output capacity, the Fa-12s, and their matched Fa-118S subs, are perfect for live shows and clubs. At the DJ booth are a pair of Vieta Re-15 monitors, and SPLs at the rear of the dance floor are supplemented by a pair of Re-12 cabinets. With a total of 10 subs in the room, the Magnolia room lends itself to a wide range of music events.

Upstairs, the vibe is very different. The Dalia is more exclusive, aimed at clubbers who want to hear music from the 80s and 90s. This smaller space is fitted with 4x Vieta Fa-12 plus 4 of the Fa-118S subs. The same Vieta processors and Powersoft LD Series and K3 power amplifier models are used in both rooms.

Fa Line was chosen because it delivers natural sound even when used at high levels of sound pressure and its dispersion can reach the whole area to be covered with an impressive coherence.

Apart from Magnolia and Dalia, the Botanic has a big marquee, which will take the party outdoors during the summer season. After hearing the performance of the Magnolia and Dalia rooms, the Fa Line has also been chosen for this application where 4x Fa-12 and 4x Fa-118S will provide the same sound quality for clubbers who want to enjoy the music alfresco.





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