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Triple E's Alex Kusztelan Awarded with Engineering PhD

19 August 2015

Triple E is delighted to announce that its design engineer, Alex Kusztelan, has successfully been awarded his Engineering PhD research degree. Alex is part of Triple E's talented team working alongside founder and managing director, David Edelstein.

Following 30 years of innovation, Triple E's track systems are the entertainment industry standard. All of the company's seven track systems; Unitrack, Unibeam, Chainbeam, Chaintrack, Erail, Unicyc and 2Way are celebrated for their simple design, rugged construction and ease of installation. 

This year, Triple E launched an industry-changing construction arm to its business under the name 'EEE-Build'.The first product launched was the inspired new 'universal building system' called ModTruss, which is set to revolutionise the theatre staging, set building, stage machinery, construction and event markets. ModTruss won Engineering Product of the Year at the ABTT Theatre Show Awards in June. 

"I joined Triple E at a very exciting time," said Alex. "Last year, the company celebrated three decades of innovation in design and things are far from slowing down. In fact we are working on a wealth of new products and upgrades to existing track and motor designs, as well as ModTruss, which is now ready for action in the UK. We're looking firmly to the future." 

David commented: "We're thrilled to have Alex on board. He brings an enormous amount of knowledge and passion for design to Triple E, which is already proving invaluable. Together with Alex, we look forward to bringing more of the innovative track and motor solutions to the industry that Triple E is known for." 

Alex has already designed a number of Chaintrack spiral stacking systems including a triangular shaped unit for a project in the UK. He has also designed a new rope tensioning system and metalwork for Triple E's range of TDRIVE motors.

"I love enhancing existing products and brainstorming ideas for new ones whilst ensuring we keep designs simple and effective. Triple E is open to new thinking and keen to work on new product ideas. This position is a dream job for me and I thoroughly enjoy working with everybody here at Triple E."





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