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JoeCo appoints PWE GmbH for Germany

25 August 2015

JoeCo is pleased to announce that Peter Wolff Elektroakustik GmbH is now representing the BlackBox range of multi-channel audio recorders and players in Germany. Based in Recklinghausen, PWE GmbH has distributed a range of professional audio and communications products since the 1980s, playing a key role in establishing brands such as Midas and ASL Intercom in the territory.

At the helm is industry veteran Peter Wolff, whose early experiences of renting and supplying DASH digital recorders during the 1980s laid a firm foundation for the digital recording technology expertise he has amassed over subsequent decades.

“We’re very pleased to be taking on distribution of JoeCo products and look forward to supporting customers involved in a range of projects,” said Peter. “Thanks to their highly reliable operating capabilities, JoeCo BlackBox Recorders and Players have proved themselves, on numerous occasions, to be first choice for live recording and playback at events where there’s simply no second chance.”

JoeCo’s Joe Bull commented: “We’re delighted to be working with PWE GmbH. Peter Wolff brings a wealth of experience to JoeCo from several industry sectors, backed up by sound technical expertise. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation, which sees further brand development in Germany over the coming months.”





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