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Elation Lighting Used to Light Chicago’s St. Vincent de Paul Parish Church

27 August 2015

St. Vincent de Paul Church, one of Chicago's grandest Catholic churches has been illuminated by lighting design students of The Theatre School at DePaul University.

With an aim to train the next generation of theatre artists in all disciplines, The Theatre School at DePaul University, Chicago, gave lighting design students the opportunity to illuminate the church in storytelling visuals. The students used an assortment of Elation lighting products supplied by Protolight as their lighting tools. The 30-minute displays were presented 20-22 May.

Students enveloped the façade’s rounded windows and doorways, and two stately bell towers, in moving and static images inspired by artists Leonid Afremov, AJ LaGasse, Vincent van Gogh, and Mary-Anne Papanek Miller, Professor and Chair of Art, Media and Design at DePaul. The students crafted each display to interpret the artist’s unique sensibilities into the world of lighting design. 

Guiding the project was Christine Binder, Head of Lighting Design at DePaul University, along with Shane Kelly, Head of Theatre Technology at DePaul. Four groups presented short light presentations on the south façade of the church, painting the church's architecture and cream-coloured Bedford stone using both discharge and LED sources. 

The designs were created with guidance from renowned Lighting Designer Paul Gregory of Focus Lighting, who was trained at the Goodman School of Drama (now The Theatre School at DePaul University), and reflected his belief in a sense of drama and theatre in successful architectural showmanship. According to Paul, his primary goal was to ensure that a patron's initial impression of a space or facade is as stunning and memorable as the moment the curtain rises on a Broadway stage.

The lighting design students also worked with Theatre School alumnus Chris Prezas, owner of Protolight, who provided the Elation equipment for the project. Lighting tools at their disposal included the Platinum Spot 35 Pro moving head colour changer, which gave students texture choices from two gobo wheels as well as animation effect possibilities; and the Platinum Spot 15R Pro, also a moving head colour changer but with 22 gobo projection possibilities. Also available to students was the Platinum Profile 35 Pro moving head with 4-blade framing system for beam shape control. LED lighting fixtures included Elation’s SixPar 300 LED PAR colour changer; Arena PAR Zoom RGBW PAR wash light with motorised zoom; and the Level Q7 LED PAR colour changer.





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