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mondo*dr bags an Outstanding Achievement Interactive Media Award

17 July 2009

(Sweden) - Lab.gruppen is delighted to announce that its recently redesigned website has been honoured with an “Outstanding Achievement” Interactive Media Award from the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC).

IMC is a non-profit organisation of leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and other web-related professionals. Their annual competition rewards excellence in website design and development, providing winners with a boost in marketing and exposure.
Stephen Lewis of Experience Internet who designed, built and continues to maintain the site, is particularly pleased with the award, although it’s not his first IMA. “The Lab.gruppen site had been live for nearly a year by the time the IMA judges paid it a visit, and as anyone who has developed a large content-managed website knows, a lot can go wrong in a year — especially on a site with thousands of members, and multiple administrators,” noted Lewis. “The fact that still scored 98% in the cross-browser compatibility category is a testament both to the ExpressionEngine CMS, and the content authors at Lab.gruppen.”
“The other reason for being especially chuffed with this award is that Lab.gruppen is pretty much the perfect client,” he continued. “We work with them week-in, week-out to incrementally improve their sites, ironing out niggling problems, and responding to user feedback. The to-do list is never-ending, but that’s OK; it means we’re learning, evolving, and improving, based on actual usage. That’s pretty exciting, and very uncommon.”
Lab.gruppen’s head of marketing, Tim Chapman, who is responsible for much of the content on the website and the ongoing contact with Experience Internet, is equally pleased. “A well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and above all FUNCTIONAL website is a critical factor in helping create today’s successful companies. Given that is such a key part of our business and the way in which we are perceived by the world at large, I’m delighted that all the time, effort and money we have devoted to making everything as easy and transparent as possible for our customers has been – and continues to be – such a success. I have to say that it’s due in large part to the excellent relationship we have with Stephen and his responsiveness to our demands. The fact that he’s a bit of a web genius probably helps too – we’ll be going for Best in Class next year!”





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