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HK Audio in India Going to Goa

22 July 2009

(India) - Ever since Dhanashree Electronics LTD took on distribution for HK Audio in India lately, the German pro audio brand has been gaining in popularity there. As HK Audio Product Specialist with Dhanashree Calvin Baker reports, the rental firm Aeros Sonic in the coastal city of Goa recently acquired two HK Audio PROJECTOR systems and four HK Audio F.A.S.T. active monitors.

“We were looking for a new system that could be set up in minutes and managed by a crew of just two men,” say Oswin Vas and Andre Paul Sousa, the owners of Aeros Sonic. “Dhanashree Electronics LTD suggested the PROJECTOR systems and the F.A.S.T. monitors to us, and they were exactly what we were looking for. We’re really happy with our new systems, as they have solved all our problems. We can set them up very quickly and the sound is outstanding. We’ve never heard anything like them before. HK Audio rocks!”

The HK Audio PROJECTOR system is a complete full-stack active system consisting of two horn-loaded 12"/2" high/mid units (flyable), and four 18" bandpass subwoofers. The HK Audio F.A.S.T. monitors are compact and can be used as stage monitors or small PA cabs. With all electronics housed internally, there is no need for any external power amplification. The compact size, light weight, easy handling and forceful full-spectrum sound make both systems, the HK Audio PROJECTOR as well as the HK Audio F.A.S.T. active monitors, ideal sound reinforcements solutions for Aeros Sonic, whose main business consists in providing hotels with sound for conferences, mobile discos, beach parties, and smaller shows by bands or solo artists.





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