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Robe UK DigitalSpots Hit 50

28 July 2009

(UK) - The 50th Robe DigitalSpot DT Series fixture has been sold by Robe UK, indicating that lighting rental companies in particular are embracing the potential of these digital lighting fixtures - even amidst economically challenging times.

The 50 mark was passed when Graeme Sewell of Vortex Lighting from County Durham in the north east of England purchased two DigitalSpot 3000 DTs.

It was his first investment in the Robe brand. His primary motivation for the sale is that in addition to servicing its own shows, Vortex undertakes a lot of dry hires to other north-east based companies who are busy with various corporate events - generally a mix of presentations, product launches and exhibitions of all types. "DigitalSpot is a unique product and I think it will be very popular in this market, specially after people see its capabilities first hand".
Using DigitalSpots, corporate logos, branding, presentational videos, stills, graphics and information can all be uploaded, then accurately and brightly projected at very short notice. The fixtures are hugely versatile and ideal for all types of conference applications.

"It all seems very straightforward," continues Sewell, "With the media server in the base, everything you need is combined in one unit - plug in DMX, upload your content and you're good to go without having to worry about switchers, servers, etc., ... and it can be controlled from a lighting desk!"

Sewell completed the deal with Ian W Brown of Robe UK following the recent 2009 PLASA Focus trade exhibition where he took another look at the fixture. He then visited Robe UK's Northampton HQ for a thorough demo after which his mind was made up.
Robe UK has sold DigitalSpots to a number of other rental companies including HSL and DBN - in Blackburn and Manchester respectively, ES Lighting in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Utopium in Bristol and Just Lites based in Dublin, Ireland.

Ian W Brown confirms that what's impressing people the most about the DigitalSpot range is the easy uploading and editing of custom content 'on-the-fly' via any DMX console. Many corporate clients have existing high resolution artwork and branding content, so using a DigitalSpot to decorate a stage or presentational area with this is a lot cheaper and quicker than having custom gobos made - which also narrows the choice of moving light fixtures that can be used.

He further comments that rental companies generally are "Showing great interest" in Robe's Digital Series.





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