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Desfase - Another new COHEDRA network user in Spain

30 July 2009

(Spain) - DESFASE Sonido e Illuminicatión is a pro audio rental company located in Albendín, Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain. DESFASE’s main business is made up of rock, pop and flamenco shows. They provided sound reinforcement, for example, for the Festival Fiestas del Vino in Valdepeñas, Cuidad Real, which was attended by an audience of 20,000, as well as for the Layenda Tour 2007, La Madre Que Los Parió Tour 2008, and the Córdoba Blues Festival, just to name a few of the largest events they handle.

Last fall, DESFASE Sonido e Illuminicatión owners Francisco José Morales Martín and Julio Santiago García attended a COHEDRA training seminar at HK AUDIO company headquarters in St. Wendel, at which they were so impressed with the system that shortly thereafter they invested in a 2x8 HK AUDIO COHEDRA Line Array made up of sixteen CDR 208 mid/high units (2x8"/1.4") and an equal number of CDR 210 2x10" subs as well as two PR 16 system power racks with VX 2400 power amplifiers and HK AUDIO Digital Controlling.

“After the Line Array training at HK AUDIO, it quickly became clear to us that we would be making a solid investment in COHEDRA. Its output and throw in spite of such compact dimensions and especially the overall system design made the decision a no-brainer for us. COHEDRA is not just a lorry full of loudspeakers, but a complete, thoroughly thought-out system, of which cabling, amp racks, transport solutions and training are all part. We get praise for COHEDRA again and again from our own sound techs as well as from freelance engineers for its outstanding sound and remarkable flexibility,” comments Julio Santiago García.





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