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Great events for the inauguration of the World Swimming Championships the Foro Italico in Rome

25 August 2009

(Italy) - The water and the swimmers’ movements were the protagonists of the large visual settings that Paolo Buroni prepared for the world swimming championship event in Rome.

 A  great number of professionals were involved during the many events that  accompanied the adventure of the world championships. In  particular, the opening ceremony held on July 18th at 9.30 pm  in the impressive setting of the Stadio dei Marmi, where an alternation of  405 men and women gave life to a spectacle made of dances and music, with  the active collaboration of the National Dance Academy.   As  regards the music, an exceptional performer sang the World Championship  Anthem which he also composed for the occasion: in fact, Claudio  Baglioni wrote 'Un solo mondo' (Just one world), in a repeat of the  experience in 1994 when he wrote and performed “Acqua nell’acqua” (Water  in water), the official anthem of the World Swimming Championships 15  years ago. The  full immersion Multivision sequence accompanied the guests on the day of  the inauguration and during the world championship evenings. In fact, the  Visual Designer’s spectacular interpretations also continued throughout  all of the other evenings in the area of the Foro Italico, the theatre of  the event. Large collages of images built around the themes of water and  sports covered the three dimensions of the hospitality village where the  athletes and VIPs were housed, flooding the structures and the grounds  with refined effects and digital choreographies, virtual waves and intense  shades of blue.   Several  of the scenes were created using the high luminosity Stark protection  technologies. In particular, the StarkLive and StarkRevolution projectors  and the brand new StarkMatrix were used.





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