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Lightfactor announced as new D.T.S. distributor for UK

13 September 2009

(UK) - Lightfactor - leading UK professional lighting sales company - announced its exclusive UK and Irish dealership agreement for lighting products from Italian manufacturer D.T.S.

Says Lightfactor's Peter Coles, "We wanted to team up with a progressive thinking partner that could offer a full, innovative, high quality range of LED, moving light, theatrical range of luminaires and par cans for the entertainment and architectural sectors - and D.T.S. is the perfect choice."

Lightfactor has a long history of success with distributing premium brands and cutting edge technology, and has been at the forefront of the moving light market in the UK since its inception.
One of the things that impressed Lightfactor most about D.T.S. was that their production process is primarily based in-house, allowing the application of precise and exacting quality control standards. They also thought the dynamics of the product range was an ideal fit for Lightfactor's portfolio, and liked the passion and dedication that D.T.S. has for the industry.

Coles also said that Lightfactor will also be appointing a series of sub-distributors for selected D.T.S. product groups.

Based on the east coast of Italy near the commercial hub of Rimini, D.T.S. has launched several products throughout 2009.

The company's flagship products include the TITAN and FOS ranges of LED luminaires designed for indoor and outdoor permanent and mobile installations, and the comprehensive DELTA range of LED colour changing wash fixtures.

New is XR2000 BEAM, the latest in DTS's XR range of moving lights - a compact moving head with extremely high light output, projecting a parallel and highly concentrated beam. Also just launched are the XR3000 SPOT CMY and the XR300 BEAM luminaires.





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