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APG announces new showroom in China

19 October 2009

(China) - French loudspeaker manufacturer APG, is pleased to announce the opening of a brand new showroom in China. Situated at the Shengzhen branch of APG’s Chinese distributor, BVCAM, the 80 sq metre facility is dedicated exclusively to APG products.

Featuring products from the Micro, Micro Axial and Dispersion ranges along with a number of compatible subs, the new DMS26 processor and the SMX15 multipurpose monitor speaker, the showroom has already hosted demos for some fifty clients including dealers, consultants, sound engineers, plus TV and rental companies. “We know that simply having fantastic products is not enough,” explained BVCAM sales director Kelvin Kung. “You can’t sell a professional loudspeaker system on the brochure alone – you have to be able to show the product to the customer, and more importantly, you have to let him hear it. I believe that APG products are truly exceptional; they have to be heard to be believed, so it made complete sense for us to dedicate a space to that purpose.”
In addition to the products showcased in the demo room, BVCAM has also invested in a full UNILINE line array system for demo purposes. APG recently completed a comprehensive training session for the BVCAM technical sales team who are now fully qualified to demo the system themselves and offer client training when required.
APG sales and marketing director, Xavier Pion, is proud to note such dedication and drive to succeed on behalf of a distributor. “The decision to create a proper demo room is a really smart move on the part of BVCAM, and we are delighted to see them invest in such an initiative. The same goes for their decision to purchase a UNILINE system for demo purposes. It demonstrates a true commitment to the brand and marks BVCAM as a major player in their territory. It’s a pleasure to work with such a motivated partner and we look forward to supporting BVCAM in all of their future endeavours with APG.”





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