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Martin Singapore Holds Training for Local Users, Regional Distributors

29 October 2009

Martin Singapore recently gathered together local Martin users and regional Martin distributor staff for four days of training on some of the company’s latest and most popular product offerings.

Held from October 6 – 9 at Martin’s subsidiary facility in Singapore, training for local users, conducted on the first day, focused on the Maxxyz™ lighting console and newly launched Maxxyz Modules™ and was headed by Martin’s Commercial Product Manager for Controllers Paul Pelletier.

That was followed by a three-day regional training with Martin distributor staff from India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, and Korea. The regional training covered the LC Series™ and LC Plus Series™ LED panels as well as the P3-100 System Controller, headed by Martin Product Manager Tony Van Moorleghem; and the Maxxyz™, Maxxyz Modules™, Maxedia 4, Martin ShowDesigner 5™ and Martin’s RADAR™ information feedback system, headed by Paul Pelletier.

“The four days was a great success and it was nice to have so many enthusiastic people in the Martin office for some in depth training,” stated Søren Storm, managing director at Martin Singapore. “Although the participants knew the products very well, they came away with quite a bit of new knowledge and it was amazing to see how excited they all were after the training. We anticipate these trainings to help boost sales of Maxxyz controllers and LC panels in the region.”





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