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XT4U Virtual Droid Amazes the World Wide Web

8 November 2009

XT4U (“X-Treme for You”) is the latest multimedia idea created by the web developers responsible for X-Treme Audio's website and was designed for anyone who has music in their DNA, like the people at Sound Corporation’s concert & touring sound business unit.

The item in question is essentially a dynamic and interactive guide, meticulously designed to lead potential end-users or those just looking through X-Treme’s vast range of products in a fast, focused and satisfying way, starting out with a few, easy questions. At the end of the questionnaire, XT4U 'talking droid' produces a PDF file (to download) containing a SR system configuration - complete with presets and accessories - specifically designed to fit in with the customer’s sound requisites and logistics.

The practical nature of this section - of great benefit for both the purchaser and the provider - enables anyone browsing the X-Treme website to avoid wading through the usual jungle of product acronyms used by all the major audio manufacturers and get the details of a fully-operational SR system instead, which can even be used to get a quotation. The quality offered by XT4U is a guarantee of an effective solution that meets specific customer demands, enhanced by the excellent preparation of its personnel.


This virtual assistant is also a useful tool from the point of view of our in-house organisation, helping both X-Treme's sales staff and production team. What's more, it has a sense of humour, making it great fun to look for a 'complete' system. XT4U targets a wide range of people; from sound engineers to events organisers, record company reps, venue managers, people working for public institutions or private companies, audio system installers or retailers, band managers and individual musicians.


So, let your curiosity get the upper hand and have a look at what the marketing guys at Sound Corporation have come up with for cyberspace fanatics Internet users just visiting the website:





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