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SHOW-WAY 2010 - Let the show begin!

25 November 2009

There are just under three months now until the second edition of Show-Way, the Italian professional entertainment technology exhibition. It is organised by Ente Fiera Promoberg in cooperation with Apias and will take place at the Bergamo trade fair, Italy, from 28 February to 2 March 2010.

As the show approaches, the specialist technical side events that will take place during the fair are beginning to attract great interest. Experts consider them first-class events not to be missed, starting with the audio sector.

The show will kick off on Saturday 27 February with a workshop held by Syn-Aud-Con, entitled 'Intelligibility in Sound Systems Design: Improvement and Optimisation'. It will deal with techniques for optimising intelligibility in the design of sound reinforcement systems in various types of audio environment. It is a “grand opening” and a juicy preview, which Promoberg and Apias have included during the show as a specialist in-depth event/workshop, with the intention of enriching the content of the fair. The aim is to underline the high level of technology and competitiveness Italian technicians and companies are reaching in the professional audio world.

The workshop will be prepared and presented entirely by Syn-Aud-Con, a renowned US organisation founded in the 1970s by Don Davis (author of an extremely widespread Sound System Engineering manual). Syn-Aud-Con organises high-level training and seminars that deal in depth with the most recent techniques and technologies in the fields of design, optimisation and use of modern sound systems, as well as design in the field of digital networking.

Syn-Aud-Con (an acronym that stands for Synergetic Audio Concept, is based in Greenville, Indiana. The organisation is entirely devoted to planning training courses for audio professionals on all related technologies. They are organised in a methodical, in-depth and detailed way and supported by highly effective course materials.

The organisation is coordinated by Pat Brown, an extremely well known figure in the field of the most recent sound design techniques and in international publications on the subject. He is acknowledged in the USA and the rest of the world as one of the top experts in the sector. He is a highly skilled trainer able to make even the most complicated concepts understandable.


During the year, Syn-Aud-Con organises various events based on their four main kinds of seminar, which last from two to four days. Thanks to a cooperation agreement with Apias in Italy, Syn-Aud-Con will present an event/workshop at Show-Way specially designed for the occasion. Attendees will get a “full immersion” in design, study, analysis and measurement techniques with a large number of practical examples and the support of clear precise teaching aids.

The workshop will be delivered in English, with an interpreter service and assistance in Italian to help attendees understand the most complex parts. At the end of the symposium, attendees will be able to share their experiences and opinions.

The meeting is part of a rich programme of side events and workshops, during which Apias and Promoberg have already announced they will field other important high level partners, such as SIA Acoustics and the teaching staff of the Master in Lighting Design held at the Venice University Institute of Architecture, Italy.





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